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              Since the company was established, we formally to witness the growth of LiBang. Here, thanks to all employees who stick to their post all these years and endeavor to their work; Thanks to all customers who cooperate with LiBang and sharing the joy of success with the company.
              ZhangJiaGang LiBang Machinery Co., LTD majors in the production of plastic grinders.Paying attention to technical technical renovation, and actively introducing advanced foreign technology,our company has good value in the market.Owing to the good performance,excellent quality,plastic breakers and plastic grinders gain a best sell and win good comments from the same circle and consumers. With changes in the time and business,LiBang not only keep the benign development,but also standardize the production, operation, management and services of enterprise, so as to improve corporate culture and brand competitiveness.In the end, it will make qualitative change to Enterprise scale and Brand value of LiBang.

            Add: LeJiang Road ,LeYu Town,         ZhangJiaGang City
            Contact:Mr Pu
            Email: 56801705@163.com


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