One Step Closer To The 2011 XDL Championship

I had just finished up a show in PA four days prior to XDL Monterey Ca. So Driving 40 hours before a contest is not the best case scenario, but who knew it was apart of the recipe for success.

As I drove across the United States, Destiny and I were just relaxing and taking our time. As I drove I was concentrating on what task I had at hand. And that’s winning the FMF Cup at XDL Montery for more than one reason, but mainly to keep my hopes of being the first 3 time national champion. To do that I had to come out on top, but of course not without a list of distractions, first was a bad battery so every time I rode I had to jump start the bike with a push and bounce. Aside from that I had 4 stuntshows 10 miles away from the XDL venue at Moto GP at Mazda Laguna Seca Speedway. These shows I could say, were a distraction, but I loved them so much and had so much fun that I think the positive energy from the shows gave me a confidence boost for XDL. After qualifying first I felt great on the Graves Yamaha R6, and the Dunlop tires had me glued to the ground. I was feeling real clean in my new SPEED & STRENGTH gear and going into the last round I was 9 points ahead, so I just went out and landed my big hit tricks to finish off the competition for a first place finish.

I called my shot in circle challenge earlier in the day on Inside XDL the Versus TV show. I went threw some good riders all the way to the last round where I beat empire rider Erine. For the top prize in circle challenge.

Now the pressure is on for Indy as the winner there will decide who is the 2011 XDL champion. I’m off to the practice spot putting the 5p’s to work. See you in Indy!!

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