XDL Budds Creek

It was XDL weekend, the first stop of the 2012 season, and the tension was high.  I knew with all the riders in attendance, I had to go bigger than the rest. All of the best riders made the trip out to MD and they are all trying to take my spot.  On Friday, practice day, there was a lot of rain and I was a little leary to go out and practice. But, halfway through the day, we all found out that we had to qualify Saturday (due to the new scoring system) and it was expected to rain.  So, I geared up and went for a rip. I felt pretty good in the rain so I packed my things up and went to the hotel for a good night’s sleep. Qualifying didn’t go as I planned as I had a couple little mishaps that landed me in 2nd place going into the main event Sunday, behind Stunter 13, the rider that some think is the only guy that can beat me. When Sunday came, after a good night’s rest, I was ready for anything to be thrown at me.
First was the new Drift Battle.  I felt I had the edge in this competition and was down to the final 2, but a quick game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS landed me in a bad lane for the finals and I got inched out by a fellow competitor who coincidentally didn’t even drift the main corner. But, I took home a 2nd Place in this competition. Next up was the Circle Challenge and it was time to put some of my off season practice to work in this season opener for XDL at Maryland International Raceway. I made it through the large crowd of riders and into the last round without even going into my super spin mode. But, I wanted to give it a try in the last round. I was 2 circles ahead and on 9 1/2 turn (on the way to 10), I lost concentration and set my bike down early for my Second Second Place Finish of the day, this time, in Circle Challenge.
After that I had an hour break to get geared up for the main event, XDL Cup. Now it was really my time to shine..the main competition.  I felt good in my first run and even though I had a crash, Stunter 13 did too and I came out of the first round in first place. The second round, my plan was to come out and ride like a mad man and throw my biggest tricks and it was enough to land me in second place for the run, First Place overall for the XDL Cup at the first round at Maryland International Raceway.
Then it was off to Laguna Seca, a 44 hour drive.  I wasn’t excited to drive to say the least, but I couldn’t wait to be there at the same time so we took off first thing Sunday night after XDL.

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