XDL Indy/ Moto GP

As I left Arizona for the Indianapolis XDL and Moto GP weekend, I was rolling solo and dreading the 30 hour drive.  But on the way there, I really had time to think and plan out my attack on the competition at XDL.  I rolled into XDL the night before, but unfortunately, just to watch it rain on what was supposed to be the practice session.  This was disappointing to me because practice was going to decide a few things for me in terms of my runs, but instead, I did a few segments on the morning show for ABC Friday morning and that gave me a little surface time to feel out some of my big tricks.

Qualifying went ok except for a 50/50 circle that I dropped and landed me in third place going into the main event on Saturday.  I was very happy with my finish for qualifying because I held back on some big tricks to throw the following day and dropped my bike once during the 50/50 circles.

Saturday morning, I woke up and felt great about the competition layout and I felt ready for anything XDL could throw at me.  First up was Circle Challenge.  I weeded my way through the pack down to the final 3.  In that round, I made it to 8 circles and unfortunately dropped my wheelie when I lost concentration for a second coming out of the spin too fast and ended up with a 2nd place finish.

Next up was the Drift Battle and with all my recent drift experience with Graves Motorsports & Yamaha, I felt confident in this event.  I won all my races and had a few spills with a few eager competitors trying to knock me out of the competition.  Brian Bubash tried stuffing me in turn one but I didn’t give him the edge and then he hit me so hard my handle bar cracked.  But, that wasn’t going to stop me.  I still managed to beat him to the finish line and took home a 1st place finish in the Drift Battle.

I came in hot for the Yamaha Generators Wheelie Race and with my set down technique, I needed a practice run which I didn’t get.  Unfortunately, i dropped my front tire down before my competitor in the first round and lost the race.

Next up was the all important XDL Cup and it was almost go time, so I began to walk through my run and gear up for the main event.  I rode well in the first heat, but a couple of foot plants landed me in second a few points behind the leader.  After that, I started to relive my “Indy curse” from previous years of second and third place because I felt like I threw down and was in second behind Stunter 13.  I knew if I was going to do anything I had to do it in the last round.  I had planned this run for a long time,  but I was a little sketchy about the night tempeature change because I had a few tricks that were going to require a ton of traction to land perfectly.  I felt a few competitors’ tires after their runs and they were still cold.  This was not the best senario, but I couldn’t change my plans now (I was going for the win), so I went out and completed my run.  I had only had one traction problem, but that along with a foot down put me in second place by .5 of a point for a second place finish for the weekend.  But most importantly, I still currently sit in 1st Place for the XDL Cup Series.  Albuquerque is up next and I’m ready for my next win!

Since the XDL Competition ended on Saturday, it gave me all day Sunday to be at the track with Yamaha for MotoGP.  I signed so many posters from the minute I got there…went through almost a thousand in less than an hour.  I love my fans and my Yamaha Family!

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