XDL Queen Mary

I was very excited when I heard XDL would be back at the Queen Mary in Long Beach for a bunch of reasons.  First, there are a bunch of stunt riding fans in the LA area which always makes for a big and loud audience.  It is also close to many of my sponsors and I let them all know that this weekend would be a good one to come check out the XDL Championship Series.
Friday, I rolled up to the Queen Mary and we made it in with no problem in time for the mandatory riders meeting. Once practice opened up, I was the first one on the track ripping back and forth, braking in my newly rebuilt custom R6 freestyle stuntbike.
It didn’t take long for me to get familiar with the changes and I was ready for XDL – Round 2.

It was good to see my sponsors there such as Yamaha Motor Corp, Panic Switch Army, HT Moto and HEL.

Qualifying went just as planned Thursday night and I qualified in 1st place, which also scored me a bonus point towards the Final Championship at the end of the year.  With this momentum, I decided to go big in my first run on Saturday, but a crash knocked me down a place or two and I really had to pull it together in the last run.  I had a really good run planned and I executed it perfectly with a 1st place finish in the last run.  However, this in conjunction with my first run was only good enough for a 2nd place finish for XDL Cup, but I held onto my 1st place overall for the series.  I also competed in the Drift Battle, this competition consists of a gymkana  type corse with cones and 2 riders are paired together and it’s judged off style, speed and smoke.  I loved this competition and so did the 1000s of people in attendance.  This drift contest was way better than the Maryland one because it was actual drifting.  I had some tough competition from some of the guys, but I still managed to come out on top in long beach for the Drift Battle with a 1st place finish.  Now I’m off to Chaparral Motorsports for a show on Wednesday, the 8th.  See you there.

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