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          We professionally manufacture plastic pulverizer, plastic crusher and plastic machinery
                    ---ZhangJiaGang LiBang Machinery Co.,LTD

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            Zhangjiagang Libang Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Zhangjiagang city which is a Nationally Civilized & Hygienic city. We are located in the west of Shanghai and the north of Suzhou & Wuxi & Changzhou, nearby No.204 State Road. The convenient transportation brings us more opportunities.
            LiBang Company is specialized in the production of plastic grinder. Our high quality Buhrstone Pulverizer,high yield Eddy-Current Pulverizer,super fine Emery Grinder,Strong Power Crusher and other technologies are all widely welcomed and accepted by domestic and overseas customers.
            The company internally,strengthen the detail,strict process,deepening the technological upgrading, efforts to achieve the equipment in my hands, the customer in my heart.Owing to our good performance, excellent quality and satisfactory service, our plastic grinders and crushers have gained a best sale and won good comments from the same circle and consumers.
            We wholeheartedly welcome international friends and people from all circles to visit our company.


          Add : LeJiang Road ,LeYu Town,       ZhangJiaGang City
          Contact:Mr Pu
          Email: 56801705@163.com

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          Add : LeJiang Road ,LeYu Town, ZhangJiaGang City TEL: 0086-512-56801705  Email: 56801705@163.com

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