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            Buhrstone Mill Feature


                Automatic MP style plastic Pulverizer is a new series machine with high output and low consume .It is widely used in grinding PEPPPSABS and so on. 
               Using the new designed millstone ,the machine has high output and good abrasion resistance, with twice life as common mill.
               Using the new designed bearing,the machine can run high speed.
               This machine has a compact structure, and is small, it can be maintained just by open the door.
                It is totally enclosed, no dust will overflow and leak.
               Fully automated,the machine is automated in feeding,discharging and sorting.
               It can control the granularity with the vibration sieve.
               The machine is furnished with wind sending device, so as to ensure the materials are cooled evenly, and quickly.
               Reasonable designed, the machine has small mill chamber, when material enter into the chamber, immediately it will be caught on and grindedquickly,avoiding temperature decomposition,so as to the machine has higher yield.

            Plastic Pulverizer 
              Buhrstone Mill Technical Parameters:      

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              1. Model
                power of the main motor(KW) Power of Air Blower
                Power of Air Lock Valve(KW) Power of Feeding Machine(KW)


                boundary dimension
                MF-300 11 2.2 0.55 0.55 50-120 15008002800 1100
                MF-400 22 3 0.75 0.55 120-200 170015003700 1200
                MF-500 45 5.5 1.1 0.55 180-350 180016003800 1600
                MF-600 55 5.5 1.5 0.75 200-450 220020003800 2200
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