My Story

Having been raised in Hazard, KY, one could argue it was fate that Bill Dixon would eventually grow up to be a “Duke” of Hazard. Kentucky hero to his local fans, Bill has been able to achieve one rank higher in nobility as the “King” of sportbike freestyle, having won three straight XDL National Championships. Bill was raised by a drill sergeant, giving him the perfect amount of discipline to harness the rebellious side that makes him so daring at his craft. At the age of 4, Bill was introduced to his first bike and almost intuitively, he was showing off and developing skills early. For many 4 year old boys, stunting and falling on a motorcycle might be like touching a hot stove for the first time, remembering to never do it again. But for Bill, it was simply motivation. At age 18, Bill took his bike to an empty parking lot and turned the lot into his personal training camp. After learning that what he was doing was actually a sport, practicing tricks for fun transformed into a personal challenge that led Bill to aspire to be the best rider in the world. Bill’s father always told him, “You can do anything you put your mind to. You just have to give it all you’ve got.” One could say Bill’s journey in life has mirrored his journey to becoming a Yamaha Factory Sponsored Rider and Three-Time XDL Champion. With a booming 2011 season freshly behind him, Bill Dixon is already preparing for the next chapter in his career. In 2012, Bill looks for the 4-Peat as XDL National Champion as well as traveling across the country performing shows, making appearances and participating in numerous events, photo & video shoots and other media opportunities for his clients and sponsors including: Yamaha, Speed & Strength, Panic Switch, Yamalube, GYTR, Graves Motorsports, Dunlop, HT Moto, EBC, Moto Heaven, Magura, Fi Cages, Runman Inc., and BikeMaster.

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