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This past weekend, it was time for Bikelanta, a huge event thrown by Mountain Motorsports in Conyers, GA (outside of Atlanta). With all of the promotion they had done, I knew it was going to be a great event. In addition to bringing in the Bill Dixon Yamaha Show and FMX, Mountain Motorsports had arranged a $6000 bikini contest that seemed to bring in girls from all over the east coast and also gave away a $13,000 custom Streetbike. This event was the perfect recipe for success.

Once I pulled in I saw a huge set-up with demo rides, Dunlop tires, motorcycle parts and a slew of vendors for food and accessories. Mountain Motorsports has a huge parking lot out back so there was plenty of space for all of the activities, vendors and fun. Shortly after I got there and started to unload, I had to go pick up Dave Cutler at the airport who was announcing the show.

Since there was a lot of traffic during rush hour, I decided to pick him up on the V-Max because I thought it would be better for traffic and would be pretty hilarious for the entire 30 mile ride back to Mountain Motorsports. It was both easier and hilarious!

The ride there was really nice, getting through the traffic on the powerful V-Max. I found Dave with no problems and we said our hellos and chuckled about his bags and riding two-up back to the show. As we started back, we immediately got into stopped traffic and people were staring at us, laughing and taking pictures…we probably ended up on a Facebook somewhere. Once traffic cleared a little, I took Dave on a ride of his life back to the dealership following some other Sportbikes, keeping up like a champ on the V-Max with a passenger who had luggage…what a riot.

Once we got back, we finished getting set up and were ready for the next days’ festivities.

Saturday, the Bikelanta event opened with a show from Paul Smith and his crew at I do Fmx, and myself. The first crowd was great and there were probably 800-900 people in attendance. The first show went really well and as usual, I rode all 6 of my Yamaha models. After the show, I had a line of people who wanted autographs, talk about all of the bikes I use and some who wanted to buy my Panic Switch Army shirts. Fortunately, I have some for sale. The biggest response I was getting was the people asking how I control that V-Max the way I do. I just told them that that bike is the most powerful in my fleet and it’s so smooth it makes it easy to ride.

After the first show we grabbed some awesome barbeque from a vendor. It was some of the best BBQ I’d ever had. And then I did my next show for a few thousand people that were there by that time. I was having a blast talking to the crowd through my on board microphone, switching bikes, pulling people from the crowd and many were yelling at the top of their lungs in excitement. All through the show, Dave and I were pointing out our sponsors’ equipment and how we use it on the bike to really push our sponsors out to the people we perform for and of course, also mentioning the cool shirts that we have available for sale from our clothing sponsor, Panic Switch Army.

The first day went great and we turned in early for our second and last day of shows. Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning, it was to rain pouring down on the riding area. We fought the rain all day and I was able to do a show even in the bad weather, but the FMX guys weren’t able to ride all day. I was amazed at how many people this event still had rolling in even with the bad weather. I did a show on a few bikes that are great in the rain: my R6 (of course), my WR250 and the Super Teneré. It was nice not only to be able to perform, but show the capabilities of these bikes even in rain and bad weather.

It stopped raining and looked like it was going to clear up for my last show. There were a few thousand people there and the rain was starting to come in as my last show began, but all the people were there because they wanted to see the show and win the new bike. It was a little damp, but I was able to pull off one of my best shows of the weekend with no ramps and a semi dry course to ride on.

Oddly enough, the guy who won the bike was the guy who I had gotten the BBQ sandwich from. And let me tell you, I almost cried when I saw how happy that made him; he was all in tears he even hit the floor once.

Special thanks goes to Mountain Motorsports for hosting one of the best events at a dealer I’ve ever been apart of. Look forward to the next event at their dealership and Bikelanta next year.

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