Powersports Plus Open House

This was the first big show of the year and I had been working for weeks on end to prepare.  I bought a converted semi for my 2013 travel vehicle and didn’t know what to expect because I had never drove a Semi truck before.  Once I was loaded up, it was straight to Albany, Georgia or bust.  Unfortunately, I ran into a slew of problems including a starter and alternator, but my 2000k YAMAHA generator saved me when I started it up and ran three battery chargers to keep the truck alive.  Then, it was 2 straight days of driving 1900 miles, with one 8hr nap. It was the “little generator that could” as it only burnt 3 1/2 gallons of gas and it only got turned off to refuel.

I rolled up at Powersports Plus at 7pm Friday night before the show. I cranked the heat up in the rig and was off to bed for the big day that was starting bright and early the next day.  First thing, I woke up, took a shower and when I walked outside, I was surprised to feel a 38 degree chill run through my spine, but that wasn’t slowing me down with hopes that by 11, it would warm up.

I set up my Yamaha sound system and began to pump some tunes for the people who were starting to show up as the Powersports Plus crew were hard at work setting up some fencing.  Then, they gave me the grand tour in the comfort of a perfectly heated, huge showroom where they literally have everything under one roof any, motorsports enthusiast would love.

At 12, my first show despite the rain, had awesome attendance ranging from really young kids to much older adults. There were people lined up all of the way around the fence and I knew at this point Powersports Plus had set in place some valuable advertising/marketing to draw such a huge crowd, especially with the weather that wasn’t great.  But I knew that because it was this cold, I’d be the only one riding a motorcycle that day.

I started on my WR 250, got loosened up and the crowd was already cheering. Then I jumped on my giant Super Tenere 1200 to blow some smoke for the burnout fans, which by the sound of it, was every single person there. Then to amaze them all, I pulled out the most powerful production motorcycle in the world, the V Max to drift around their parking lot using all of the 210hp to my advantage.  That really got the crowd going before I even jumped on my custom R6 to properly throw down some amazing tricks. Once i took the tire warmers off, it was time to send these folks home with an image of my Yamaha motorcycles they would never forget.

After my show, I signed autographs for an hour, then grabbed a burger and began to gear up for the next show.  The weather seemed to peak around 2p, just in time for my next show. Now that it was a little warmer at 48 degrees, I went out and rode their parking lot even harder & better and had more fun as I was able to pull just about every one of my tricks.  After that, I spent the day hanging out with fans and taking pictures right up to the time the dealership closed and I had to load the truck to get on the road to the next show.

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